Fire Protection System

Fire Protection Bangladesh

We are offering you a top class solution in fire protection solution in Bangladesh. We are doing drawing, design, product supply and installation & commissioning of fire fighting system. Our engineering team including c

onsultant, project manager, engineer and technicians are experienced enough to deliver the best outcomes. Our design team have excellent track record of cost efficient and effective design.

A fire fighting system is a complete package of fire safety management. It is the study and practice of mitigating the unwanted effects of potentially destructive fires. There are various system of protection that can choose your suitable system for protecting your structure against fire. You must follow the law/guideline/standards from national and international authority which can assure the safety.

Most large multi-storey buildings have water stand pipe system. There are two types of stand pipes such as dry and wet vertical pipes. Most water sources are dry systems and cannot be used by the public. Dry systems require a fire truck to pump water through the system. Most dry systems do not have pre-connected hoses and require the fire department to bring the hose. In wet systems, there is always water in the pipes and it can be used by anyone. Wet systems will have hoses for building occupants to try to put out fires. Wet systems are less and less common as more and more irrigation systems are installed.

Fire sprinkler systems are installed in all types of buildings, commercial and residential. They are usually located at ceiling level and are connected to a reliable water source, most commonly city water.

Fire Protection System
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