Fire Protection Bangladesh

Fire Protection Bangladesh provides one stop solution in the field of fire safety through all over the country. In the fires place we focused on ensuring the safety by top quality product and service. In the same token we are also ensure optimum cost efficient design thus saves the cost of our clients.

We are fire protection Bangladesh have experienced engineering team to deliver the best quality of service. Our qualified engineering team make sure 100% customer satisfaction with their service and consultancy. Without compromising the engineering Standard such as BNBC, NFPA, NETA, NEC, BS, Accord, Alliance we are expert to deliver cost efficient design. As like as design we are also focused on proper installation. And our experienced team help us to install the project as it is tho the design & drawing.  In a word we can say Innovern engineering is a team work of engineering, designing, planning, surveying and above all delivering elegant outcome for our clients, the community and the future generations.


Fire Protection BangladeshInnovern Engineering starts the business in the late of 2016 and officially starts on April 2017. In this short period of time we have involved some significant project. And deliver some products and service.  This is our pride that we are obtain client satisfaction. We are promising and strong enough to fulfill the client’s valuable requirements. We ensure on time delivery of work in any critical condition.  Innovern Engineering believes in client’s satisfactory smile. Everything really comes down to solving problems. We are not only have to come up with good solutions for you but also the solutions we provide is innovative.


Our mission is to protect our people and country from fire. And ensure the maximum safety with minimum damage of life & properties.


Our ultimate goal is to achieve clients faith by ensuring best quality of products and services in the field of fire safety.


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