Commissioning of Fire Detection System

Commissioning of Fire Detection

Fire alarm system is an complex system which is a combination of hardware and software to successful operation. Thus commissioning of the detection system is also important as installation. We have qualified engineers whom responsible for testing and commissioning the system after successfully installation.

Recheck all the detectors, devices, panels etc. their location and connections. Ensure work access is permitted at all fire equipment installation locations on site. Ensure temporary mains supply for the programming computer is made available at each control panel location. Ensure installation technicians (preferably those involved in the system installation and cabling) are present on site with necessary tools. Check third party equipment technicians are available for interface testing. Ensure the backup batteries are fully charged.

On time delivery is one of our strength. We are promises to deliver the best installation service as well as commissioning in Bangladesh in the field of fire detection as well as fire protection installation with maintaining as per all standards and quality. We are not only promising but also strong enough to fulfill the client’s valuable requirements. And on time in any condition, because Innovern Engineering believes in client’s satisfactory smile.


We ensure proper installation process as well as commissioning the system. After successfully installation we have done the commissioning the fire detection & protection system. As well as commissioning we ensure after sales service to our valued clients.

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